The European Holstein and Red Holstein Confrontation is organized by the organizers of Holstein Libramont 2019 (Libramont Fair and technical support of the Walloon Association of Livestock) with the supervision of the European Holstein EHRC Federation.

Member area

List of the participating countries and index

The participation in the European Confrontation 2019 is only reserved for the breeding organizations members of the EHRC.

The European Holstein and Red Holstein Championship plays a major role in the promotion of Holstein farms in Europe and around the world. It is the opportunity for the participating countries to present the results of their work and their know-how under excellent working conditions.




1989 Paris (only presentation) France
1990 Utrecht The Netherlands
1991 Cremona Italy
1993 Barcelona (Holstein) Spain
1993 Munster (Red Holstein) Germany
1996 Brussels Belgium
1998 Brussels Belgium
2000 Brussels Belgium
2004 Brussels Belgium
2006 Oldenburg Germany
2010 Cremone Italy
2013 Fribourg Switzerland
2016 Colmar France
2019 Libramont Belgium


AWE (Walloon Breeding Association)

Federation : Mrs Marie-Ange Moureaux - fd@holsteinlibramont2019.com
Sanitaire : Mr Patrick Mayeres - sanitary@holsteinlibramont2019.com


Secretary General : euroholsteins@gmail.com

Contact federation


Breed Organisation



EHRC Austria Holstein Austria office@holstein.at http://www.holstein.at
EHRC Belgium Walloon Breeding Association asbl pmayeres@awenet.be http://www.awenet.be
EHRC Czech Republic Holstein Cattle Breeders Association of the Czech Republic,0.s. motycka@holstein.cz http://www.holstein.cz
EHRC Denmark Danish Holstein danskholstein@seges.dk http://www.danskholstein.dk
EHRC Finland Faba Breeding co-op faba@faba.fi http://www.faba.fi
EHRC France Prim’Holstein France info@primholstein.com http://www.primholstein.com
EHRC Germany German Holstein Association (DHV) holstein@rind-schwien.de http://www.rind-schwein.de
EHRC Ireland Irish Holstein Friesian Association(IHFA) enquiries@ihfa.ie http://www.ihfa.ie
EHRC Italy A.N.A.F.I. (Associazione Nationale Allevatori Frisona Italiana) anafi@anafi.it http://www.anafi.it
EHRC Latvian Holstein Association Latvian Holstein Association lha@valm.lv www.holsteingovis.lv
EHRC Netherlands CRV Herdbook Jos.Buiting@crv4all.com http://www.crv4all.com
EHRC Poland Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers pfhb@pfhb.pl www.pfhb.pl
EHRC Portugal Associaçao Portuguesa dos Criadores da Raça Frisia (APCRF) samuelpinto@apcrf.pt http://www.apcrf.pt
EHRC Slovenia Slovenian Holstein Association Marija.klopcic@bfro.uni-lj.si  
EHRC Spain CONAFE (Confederacion de Asociaciones de Frisona Espanola) conafe@conafe.com  http://www.conafe.com
EHRC Sweden Swedish Holstein Association gill.zeilon@telia.com www.svenskholstein.se
EHRC Swissherdbook Swissherdbook info@holstein.ch http://www.holstein.ch
EHRC UK Holstein UK info@holstein-uk.org http://www.ukcows.com.